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29 October 2018: last one before a hiatus.

I probably should credit (or blame) Berk Breathed for this one, his mythical basselope must have infected my dreams.

I am about to leave town (and studio) to spend a week in Toronto at the Parliament of World’s Religions. I expect to be busy and will give myself permission to miss days of drawing if I have to. Whatever I come back with, I’ll post after the first week of November, and then resume regular posting.

Now is a wonderful time to be at the biggest interfaith gathering in the world. Peace and blessings on us all.

21 February 2017


One of my personal ‘rules’ for posting my daily drawings is never to apologize or make excuses. But lately┬áI’ve started talking a little bit about process. There’s no question that some days I do not feel satisfied with the drawing, and only quit because I’ve hit a wall of time or energy. I feel like if it had not been so late, and I so tired, I could’ve pushed this one for another hour and ended up somewhere that pleased me more.

But it is what it is. Revealing colors within and beyond darkness.