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2 May 2020

I got this one to a more finished state. The original picture with this post is below.

daily page 20-0502.update

Another couple of (my interpretation of) young Liam’s Yeasts.

I only had 2 1/2 hours on this one instead of the 4-6 hours I’ve been spending on paintings lately. It doesn’t feel finished. Being out of work opens up time in the studio, but I haven’t really resolved how to integrate that with my daily drawing practice. Mostly it just means I’m spending as much time as I have on the dailies, and not at all getting around to other studio projects I’d hoped to be working on with all this extra time. But I’m enjoying it, so I guess I’ll just keep following my nose and see where I end up.

14 January 2020

I went on an internet search yesterday to finally find a proper term for the technique I am occasionally obsessed with, involving drawing with hard pencil on soft paper, coloring over that with wax crayons, coating all that with ink or paint, then scraping the ink back off, which leaves it in the indented original pencil lines.  “Indenting” is a technique used in pencil drawings, I learned. The rest is something between Wax Resist and Scratchboard. Every time I go through a phase of playing with this technique I gain a little more control, and it still has never stopped feeling satisfyingly magical to me.