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5 August 2020

hide and seek buddies.

Early in my years of “drawing a day” practice I committed to posting whatever I had drawn, no matter what I felt about it. That includes pieces that are nowhere near finished. The point is to hold myself accountable by bringing you in as witnesses. I hope that will also encourage some folks to go ahead and do whatever it is that they love, by showing the many messy, imperfect and unfinished things that lie along the path of a daily practice.

I’ll add the finished version to this post when I get there.


Finished now, on a day to celebrate a new president’s election, 7 November 2020!

10 October 2019

Inktober day 10: Pattern

My first formal schooling was at Mrs. Coventry’s School in Dacca, East Pakistan. I loved when we were assigned to copy patterns on lined paper. To my American ears, it sounded like “pattens”. I think the theory was dexterity practice toward eventual penmanship

I still love repeating designs, and I love the feeling of writing longhand, even when I don’t have words I want to write. That doesn’t bother me; as a child I was surrounded by writing in characters I was not taught to read, and by languages I never really learned to speak.

I still love to hear the sound of other languages even if I don’t understand them, and various non-language calligraphy makes its way into not a few of my drawings.