Coloring Pages


I am turning some of my drawings into coloring pages. There are a few already in my Etsy shop ready for download. On this page I’ll keep a selection of the ones I’m working on that you may print out for free (please credit me if you share them!)

The first batch is for a planned 12-page coloring book on the theme of “In the Garden”. I’ll post the heck out of it when I figure out how to turn it into a real book! Meanwhile, here are some of the pages.

Click to access cp-starry-owl.printready.pdf

Click to access cp-starry-frog.printready.pdf

Click to access cp-leafy-owls.printready.pdf

Click to access cp-snail-flower.printready.pdf

Click to access cp-ribbons.printready.pdf

Click to access leaf-or-seed.printready.pdf

Click to access cp-flower-and-butterfly.printready.pdf

Click to access fern.bedstraw2.cleanup.pdf

Click to access cp-daffy-chicken.printready.pdf

Click to access cp-above-and-below.printready-1.pdf

Click to access morning-dew-postready-1.pdf

Click to access pears.printready.pdf

Click to access cp-close-flowers.printready.pdf




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