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18 October 2022

Last day away from home. Here’s an ibis from a photo taken at City Park. The photo was very small and blurry on my phone, so I made up most of the face and it’s probably not anything like a real ibis. But if realism is what you want, you can look at a photo.

I haven’t played with Artificial Intelligence generation of images, but I see a lot of of them going around lately. It seems to me that art is just human intelligence synthesizing images of what we see, with more or less fidelity to the mores of visual perception.

7 October 2022

I spent my studio time today starting to color in a Year Wheel for my next journal/planner book. It’s fitting, as I developed this for a workshop that happened on this coming weekend in 2017.

Below is a downloadable file if you want to color your own Year Wheel.

You can also go to my Etsy shop to get a print of the original, full color version, or give me a couple of bucks for the coloring page

9 July 2022

Honestly, since the break I took from the dailies I have not moved back into spending long or thoughtful time in studio. I’ve been tempted to just extend the break or give myself a pass on several days. But. One thing I’ve learned over the years of this exercise is that if I keep the channels open, sometimes good and unexpected things happen. And eventually the urge and the joy will return.

29 June – 3 July, 2022

While on vacation I didn’t try to do much observational painting. Instead, I worked on figuring out how to draw Celtic-style interlace. I’m sure there are books and tutorials, but I needed to occupy my mind and hands, and treating these as a puzzle was soothing and calming. Here are my workpages, and you can see I even got a couple finished that I feel pretty happy with.

20 June 2022

I pretty much just tidied up the line-work, so it doesn’t look very different today. But a couple people have asked, so here’s the photo that inspired the painting. It’s from an old National Geographic magazine. I’m not so happy with my rendering of the face, but really I was just looking for a framework for meditative pattern work. The pattern I used is based on Celtic manuscript decoration although I love the ones on the robe and background in the photo.

The caption: “The patterns on the robe of Peruvian healer Enrique Flores Agustin represent songs he sings during curing ceremonies. … Ancient or modern, the theater of healing works by creating strong expectations in the brain.”

12 May 2022

I spent a long time looking at the blank paper this evening. That’s been happening a lot lately, which sometimes indicates that I need to shift directions. I was too tired to stay up and finish this one to any degree, but it is what I made this day, so it is what I am posting.

The point of this practice was to make sure that I spent time every day doing a thing I love. The daily posts were a way of building in a kind of accountability. They also have served occasionally as a way for me to reflect on what I’m doing. To remind myself of why, and to think about how I might want to continue. I am so pleased and grateful when people let me know that they look at my posts, whether or not they respond in writing. I always hope that what I’m doing here might encourage you to play in whatever way inspires you, whenever you are able.



5/18/22 – the finished picture