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25 February 2022

If you’ve been following Ayespider for a while, you know that sometime in February I make collages. Well, that time has arrived, even though once again this year (covid caution!) I’m not able to have my in-studio all day collage-making gathering with friends. Here’s the first one, make of it what you will.

Below, my worktable, during the evening. Probably a preview of the next two collage posts.

Some of my Inner Critics are right over there, where I can ignore their commentary.

28 February 2021: Collage!

Well, it’s the end of my month off from the dailies, and I kind of missed them. But I’ve been busy making other art, never fear! I made a ridiculous number of little collages in the past week, which I will share with you here.

The two above are on 9″ x 12″ paper. I love how collage can engage playful intuition. I work on several at the same time, and think that I’m just responding to line and color, but then often find that they have drawn forth a little story or vignette.

This and the ones that follow are all smaller, about 4″ x 5″. They feel like curious little peeks into dreams or half-baked ideas.

I hope you found these enjoyable. I return to daily drawings tomorrow, if all goes as planned! Happy March!

22 February 2020

Time for the annual collage party. This day I only finished one piece. It’s small, and angry. Mostly pictures taken from National Geographic magazines, which have a history of brilliantly and beautifully documenting and objectifying/commodifying Nature and Other Cultures.

I did put a lot in on the group collage below, where the 4 women present had a really interesting conversation on art and aesthetics, both in words and in the interaction of making the piece.

23 February 2019

Annual February collage party!

I finished one large piece, and a few smalls. Some more smalls in the works, which I’ll add to this post when they’re done.

There were 5 of us this year. Below are photos of some of the collages completed today.

Pieces by Emily Cavin, Victoria Yoshen, Annina Luck and me. The big piece in the bottom photo is this year’s group collage.

My studio is now a happy mess!

18 February 2018

My annual February collage party happened. These are two of the small (8.5″ x 5.5″) collages I made. They will have to take the place of my drawing for this day.

As has become the custom, all attending worked on a group collage. It’s always a grand excursion in working collaboratively and letting expectations go. Quite possible that the process is more interesting than the result, but there’s certainly a lot to look at!


Collage party aftermath

guardian angel

In February I hosted a collage party, as I have for several years now. It’s a great excuse to spend a day with friends doing arty stuff. To prepare, I have to really organize my studio and break out old my magazines, calendars, and scraps of decorative paper.

healing old wounds

Sometimes it’s hard for me to warm up to making collages in just one session. I don’t have any direction or focus, and spend the day just looking at paper and images, maybe collecting piles, maybe adding to some older pieces. When everyone is gone, over the next few days it’s time to sort through everything and tidy up. That’s when images start landing next to and upon each other. It took me almost 2 weeks to finish the cleanup this time, because I kept finding one more picture I wanted to make.

fashion shot

I think one of the great things about collage is playing with colors and images that appeal to me, working in a very intuitive way. I have very little guiding idea, especially when I start out. Ideas may emerge out of the process, but I hold them pretty loosely and try to stay in playful visual space, which keeps me from getting didactic and overly critical.

how we are together

They end up feeling like conversations, or jigsaw puzzles with no defined picture or point of completion. It’s a satisfying thing, and in the end my studio is in much better shape than when I started!

triton’s daughter

18 February 2017-Annual Collage Party


Every year since I think 2009, I’ve hosted a collage party sometime in the depths of February. The germ of the idea was an impromptu anti-valentine’s day session around a friend’s kitchen table. Soon after that, I took a workshop on using collaged images to make your own divination/inspiration card deck.  My friend and co-conspirator Emily Cavin instigated a followup session, which became an annual event.

I have an embarrassingly large collection of old magazines, calendars and decorative paper scraps. On the chosen day, some friends come over and spend a large chunk of time playing with images and materials. We also chat and share snacks, and admire each other’s work. It’s completely delightful.

Last year we started making a group collage during the party. A piece gets started, and moves around the room from person to person, as many times as it takes until everyone feels they have nothing more to add. Here’s the group collage from this year’s party:


Emily Cavin continued work on her deck of divination cards, and gave me permission to show them here:


I didn’t get much done except the water/snake image at the top. But I’m pretty content with that. It can take me a while to get revved up for collage, if I don’t have a project already going. I spent much of the day just going through images, and collecting piles of stuff. I’ll have to see if it leads to anything else when I go back out to the studio today to tidy up!

The studio stayed relatively tidy this time, due to very considerate friends with ample space to spread out. Here are a couple shots of my workspace and the supplies just for grins – a happy mess.

2017-02-19-11-44-04 2017-02-19-11-43-29

It is a tremendous gift to share time with friends for creative play. I hope you are able to do something similar from time to time,  in whatever medium feeds your spirit.