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19 january 2021

I started this practice and this blog with intentionality, so if I change the practice I would like it to be equally intentional. So I’ve made a decision to continue making and posting dailies for the rest of January. Starting Feb 1, I will take a break from the dailies to finish that backlog of paintings that have been staring at me waiting to be finished to my satisfaction. I’ll continue to post, daily or nearly so, showing the finished pieces as they come. Once that’s cleared out, I expect to resume making and posting daily drawing/paintings.

Many thanks to everyone who follows me and supports my art, whether materially or with kind or amusing words. I can never properly express how important that has been in helping me pursue what I’ve really wanted to be able to do for most of my life, but didn’t think it was OK to spend all that time and money on it.

For anyone reading this, I hope you too get a chance to follow your dreams, and a web of community that helps and encourages you in doing it.

17 January 2021

Sigh, I ran out of time before I got to a stopping place.

I have now nearly a dozen incomplete paintings surrounding my workspace, and I’m beginning to question my commitment to starting a new page every day. Still not ready to let it go, because I am still hoping a clear direction will emerge to tell me when it’s time to do that. And some days I’m really quite pleased with my one-session works.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted, and I’ll keep posting!