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25 January 2022

memory of beach soundscapes

Pencil work can be slow and painstaking, but so very satisfying. I don’t do this much for the dailies, just because of the time requirement. But I used to do long process pencil and colored pencil work. There’s a quiet that settles in with the delicate and deliberate touches. And the picture emerges in an almost sculptural way, as if carving shapes out of shadows.

16 January 2022

Visiting Portsmouth NH, walking around the town of good old houses close together. It was cold winter weather though, just before a storm.

The scanner had a real problem with the colors of the highlighters I used, especially the pink and flourescent orange (which here looks like a pinkish beige). I had to tinker a bit with the levels, but still couldn’t get the balance right so you’ll just have to imagine the warm cheerfulness of the original!