20 June 2022

I pretty much just tidied up the line-work, so it doesn’t look very different today. But a couple people have asked, so here’s the photo that inspired the painting. It’s from an old National Geographic magazine. I’m not so happy with my rendering of the face, but really I was just looking for a framework for meditative pattern work. The pattern I used is based on Celtic manuscript decoration although I love the ones on the robe and background in the photo.

The caption: “The patterns on the robe of Peruvian healer Enrique Flores Agustin represent songs he sings during curing ceremonies. … Ancient or modern, the theater of healing works by creating strong expectations in the brain.”

16 June 2022

I had a long work day and not as much studio time as I wished (also tired!) but I think you can see where this is heading. I am imagining dense overall patterning, and thinking about colors. But still a few sessions away from finished.

I’m not entirely sure about this change of posting progress rather than daily inspiration, but it’s what I want to do for now, so I’m going with it.

15 June 2022

The scan is a bit blurry because the paper is still attached to a board that doesn’t quite fit on the bed. But here you go, progress of the day. I am really enjoying this retreat into repetitive, meditative process. i imagined the face as being more simple and generic than it turned out, but I’m leaving it as is till the other busy stuff gets sorted.

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