22 February 2020

Time for the annual collage party. This day I only finished one piece. It’s small, and angry. Mostly pictures taken from National Geographic magazines, which have a history of brilliantly and beautifully documenting and objectifying/commodifying Nature and Other Cultures.

I did put a lot in on the group collage below, where the 4 women present had a really interesting conversation on art and aesthetics, both in words and in the interaction of making the piece.

18 February 2020

I was away from home/studio all day, which ended with a good rousing bout of singing at the Northampton Tuesday night Sacred Harp sing. I got home late, and went straight to my studio to do my drawing.

The point of daily practice is not to make a polished product¬† each day, but to keep the channels open. Sometimes when I don’t have the time to spend, I’m able to access a spontaneity that I really enjoy.

Kate Greenough's daily drawings