5 December 2022

I didn’t get around to a daily art today because I’m trying to get these props done in time for the Welcome Yule! show this weekend. They’re the spokes of a Year Wheel, which will fit into a standing frame to illustrate the cycle of the seasons and the festivals associated, based on Celtic traditions.

I don’t usually get to work on big things, so this is fun. But it is eating up all my studio time for a few days!

27 November 2022

sleepy rainy song.

It was a packed day, most of it occupied with prepping for and helping run a community theater production coming down into its last few rehearsals before the run. Immediately followed by a game online with family members, which ended up being a rousing food fight. As in, the characters were literally all animated food folk, fighting an evil fungus, inside a food pyramid.

I was worn out at the end of the day, but made it to the studio to commit this messy little song to paper, and run it through the rain back to the house, catching raindrops on the paper as I went.

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