15 November 2018

The first snow of the season hit. I was an hour away from home and having dinner with my son when it started. By the time we finished eating it was already an inch on sidewalks and roads. Traffic on the highway was moving somewhere between 15 and 35 mph, visibility was terrible. No mishaps, but 2 1/2 hours driving carefully. Already just about bedtime, so studio time was short and pretty much to the point.

Not-Quite-Daily Drawings while away

Here are the drawings I managed to make while at the parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto. I was there to support programs and also facilitated a women’s art gallery and salon, so there was little time for sitting and sketching. Mostly these are from the ends of long, busy days. The last 3 were on days of driving and visiting old friends I haven’t seen in way too long.

1 Nov 2018: the view from my window
2 Nov 2018: a spirit touching ground
3 Nov 2018: wings of compassion
4 Nov 2018: and so we sing and dance
6 Nov 2018: election day, riding a hoped-for blue wave
7 Nov 2018: my friend has good kitties but I miss my own
8 Nov 2018: so many hugs
9 Nov 2018: safe passage back home

29 October 2018: last one before a hiatus.

I probably should credit (or blame) Berk Breathed for this one, his mythical basselope must have infected my dreams.

I am about to leave town (and studio) to spend a week in Toronto at the Parliament of World’s Religions. I expect to be busy and will give myself permission to miss days of drawing if I have to. Whatever I come back with, I’ll post after the first week of November, and then resume regular posting.

Now is a wonderful time to be at the biggest interfaith gathering in the world. Peace and blessings on us all.

Kate Greenough's daily drawings