5 January 2019

Another long day and short studio time. This was actually the second start; the first one bugged me so much I’m not even showing it. It’s on the other side of this page. Is that a violation of my own rules? I said I’d show whatever I drew on my daily page, I think this is the first time in 9 years I’ve given myself a do-over.

I suspect this year the ‘rules’ I set myself might change a little. I have a lot of piles of drawing-covered paper in my studio by now. More and more often, I’m going back later, to work and build on drawings I already posted. I originally started this blog to make sure I established a practice of doing the work every day. Now that’s pretty solid, and I want to figure out how to build on it.

I’ve been challenged to show my art in a gallery space at some point this year (the Art Salons don’t count) so I’ll have to start addressing what makes a work feel finished, and how do I display it.

I’m looking forward to a year of pushing my boundaries. I hope you also have some challenges and inspirations that are calling you to rise and meet them in a joyful way.

31 December 2018

I spent the whole day and evening at Northampton’s First Night celebration, first performing in our little community theater show, “Welcome Yule!” then singing, morris dancing, hearing some great music and also some karaoke ;). The year wrapped up with very wet reveling in the street for the countdown to 2019. So many people and umbrellas dancing in the rain! So different from last year’s brutal cold as we welcomed in that year.

I decided to take a small pad with me (3.5″ x 5″) and make quick sketches or doodles. This is a sampling of what happened.

I think I ought to do this sort of exercise more often; lately I’ve felt a little stagnant as I approach my daily blank page. It’s one way to investigate possibilities without getting attached or bogged down.

May your year bring you what you need to take care of your body and soul, and may you find joy in offering whatever your gifts are to the beings in your life.


Kate Greenough's daily drawings