12 May 2022

I spent a long time looking at the blank paper this evening. That’s been happening a lot lately, which sometimes indicates that I need to shift directions. I was too tired to stay up and finish this one to any degree, but it is what I made this day, so it is what I am posting.

The point of this practice was to make sure that I spent time every day doing a thing I love. The daily posts were a way of building in a kind of accountability. They also have served occasionally as a way for me to reflect on what I’m doing. To remind myself of why, and to think about how I might want to continue. I am so pleased and grateful when people let me know that they look at my posts, whether or not they respond in writing. I always hope that what I’m doing here might encourage you to play in whatever way inspires you, whenever you are able.



5/18/22 – the finished picture

6 May 2022

I’ve said some version of this many times before – some days I’m really excited to post what I drew or painted, and show it to my friends. Some days, not so much. This was at the end of a long day, and I was so ready to end it and retire to my bed and my book. So here’s your flappy eared, wingless moth creature, reflecting artificial light. or something.

Whatever you love to do, try to do it every day, even if it’s half-assed and hurried. Just keeping the channel open, and letting yourself be surprised and amused by whatever flows through


Kate Greenough's daily drawings