3 May 2020

So here’s the thing. I can’t always have 5 or 6 hours to do my daily drawing, but I want to keep my commitment to the practice. So for now I am going to try to time-limit my dailies, to an hour at most. That way I’ll theoretically be able to do other projects, rework drawings I particularly like, etc. Who knows what will happen, or if I’ll even stick with that idea…stay tuned, I guess.

2 May 2020

I got this one to a more finished state. The original picture with this post is below.

daily page 20-0502.update

Another couple of (my interpretation of) young Liam’s Yeasts.

I only had 2 1/2 hours on this one instead of the 4-6 hours I’ve been spending on paintings lately. It doesn’t feel finished. Being out of work opens up time in the studio, but I haven’t really resolved how to integrate that with my daily drawing practice. Mostly it just means I’m spending as much time as I have on the dailies, and not at all getting around to other studio projects I’d hoped to be working on with all this extra time. But I’m enjoying it, so I guess I’ll just keep following my nose and see where I end up.

1 May 2020

daily page 20-0501.update


My son Liam (who is an artist himself) when he was about 4, drew a large set of pictures which he told me was of yeast. I saved those drawings and always wanted to make a quilt or something based on those creatures. The quilt has never happened, but the toothy creatures infesting my latest paintings are inspired by them.  These two beings are pretty much direct interpretations of Liam’s early opus.

Kate Greenough's daily drawings