4 June 2022

This is probably too much information, but…I occasionally get bad belly pain from as yet unidentified source. It makes me feel exhausted and uninterested, basically in life, nevermind art. So this day I resorted to pointless scribbling, but at least bright colors. I didn’t mean to go with primaries, but that seems to be one of my default settings if I’m not paying attention.

If there is any meaning in this, it comes purely from subconscious guidance. As far as my conscious mind knew, I was just trying to fill the form of making something that I could post. And then going to take another nap.

I do feel a lot better today, thank you!

25 May 2022

I started another of these ink and gouache paintings. Sometimes I wonder if I should even post them incomplete. But I’m still holding to posting each day what I made, and it’s enough of a picture I suppose, even in the incomplete state.

Kate Greenough's daily drawings