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2 May 2018

To finally wrap up my month of portrait practice, here’s an homage to my father’s mother Dorothy Greenough, who was a skilled portrait artist. I grew up surrounded by her work, and she was my first art teacher.  Even as a small child, she never let me rest with self-satisfaction, but always asked what I could try to make the drawing even better in some small way.

I don’t have many photos of Dottie, but here she is at home in Providence, and that’s two of my siblings on the mantelpiece.

Love and remembrance.


28 September 2016


another evening in a pub after a long meeting, no studio time so you get a glorified sketch.

I don’t draw people from observation much. Though I was looking at specific people as I drew this, I wouldn’t call them portraits, I’m not good enough at making likenesses. But I find it informative to observe details that can later take shape in  imagination.