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20 July 2017

I had enough time in studio to play with some new tools – I actually broke out my lightboard to trace the original sketch I made, which was not properly centered for such a symmetrical being. And a new pen nib for the finer lines.

The quote is from a #FolkloreThursday tweet featuring a pair of these bee-ings. Unfortunately I lost the tweet before I noted the source, but the same picture is on this Wikipedia page:


30 June 2017

anatomically challenged equine, but at least they’re in a pretty pasture?

To be honest, this is one of the drawings I might not show, if I hadn’t made the commitment to show all my daily drawings. It feels very personal and makes me uncomfortable to look at (funny how that only kicks in after the drawing is done!)

I have a deep desire to please and cheer people, not disturb them. Maybe that’s one of the inner critics with whom I need a more extended conversation.

15 May 2017

This began as a pencil doodle. I inked it in green and blue, aiming for a coloring book page, but discovered that the blue ink smudged too easily with the eraser when I went to remove the pencil lines. So I deliberately washed the blue lines with water, and added a green wash to the parts where the ink didn’t run.

My bookbinding teacher Bill Streeter taught me that what makes you good at your work is not that you never get into trouble, but that you have a big bag of tricks for getting out of it. Drawing every day is helping me add to my bag of tricks.

Thanks, Bill.