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17 April 2018

working from a photo of people I’ve never met, I get no less involved in the feelings displayed than when I’m working on friends and family. This one was such a great representation of affectionate friendship.

Oh also, I only had about 2 hours and change to work on this one, rather than the 3+ that it seems to take to get to a more finished place. I would have liked to have studied the hand more carefully, and resolved or cleaned up some other areas. But the sketched feeling is also OK with me, as long as the basics are in the right places and have the right feel.


12 April 2018

Along with practicing portraits, I’ve been trying to get a handle on a new-to-me medium,  Acryla Gouache. I’m not loving it, though I do love painting, but I’m determined to keep trying. It lacks the flexibility of my usual Caran d’Ache water soluble crayons, but the colors are more opaque and clear. I only have 5 colors, so have to figure out how to organize a palette for mixing effectively. The paint dries up faster than I use it, and can’t be refreshed with water after it’s dry, so that’s an additional challenge.

This is my big brother, and I’m sorry I gave him a grey face and an extra big nose, but I spent most of the time trying to get Echo the horse and all the harness stuff to look believable!