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1 May 2015

daily page 15-0501

I live in New England. Depending upon where you live, your Winter may have been quite a different fellow.

Eulogy for Old Man Winter, 2015

Dear and good folk, we’ve made it around the wheel of the year one more time. We’ve watched another winter be born, grow and thrive, and finally die (and not a moment too soon!)

This winter was born around the expected time, and had a rather unpromising childhood. He made a couple of sloppy messes as if just to prove that he could do what was expected, but they were soon cleared away and he didn’t seem much to care.

But then sometime after Yule he had a sudden growth spurt, and really became something of a giant, filled with vibrant energy and enthusiasm.

I’ve heard some say that he was cruel and a brute, but I’m not so sure. I think he may have just been so big and full of himself that he couldn’t walk into a room without breaking something – couldn’t talk without making wild gestures and knocking something over. We all just had to stay out of his way, and clean up after him. Over and over again.

He was so full of vitality that it seemed he might never depart. He lived longer than usual, so that the sap had to wait to rise and the leaves to burst from the bud. But he did eventually start his inevitable decline, and now with gentle relentlessness, Spring has finger-by-finger managed to loosen his grip on the world.

And now we do this day declare that Old Man Winter is truly dead and gone. And so the wheel turns once more.