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23 February 2019

Annual February collage party!

I finished one large piece, and a few smalls. Some more smalls in the works, which I’ll add to this post when they’re done.

There were 5 of us this year. Below are photos of some of the collages completed today.

Pieces by Emily Cavin, Victoria Yoshen, Annina Luck and me. The big piece in the bottom photo is this year’s group collage.

My studio is now a happy mess!

18 February 2018

My annual February collage party happened. These are two of the small (8.5″ x 5.5″) collages I made. They will have to take the place of my drawing for this day.

As has become the custom, all attending worked on a group collage. It’s always a grand excursion in working collaboratively and letting expectations go. Quite possible that the process is more interesting than the result, but there’s certainly a lot to look at!