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13 September 2017

Tea party with cats

Sometimes the drawings that start out the most frustratingly aimless end up going somewhere that I rather enjoy. It can be really hard to hold space open to trust that something worthwhile will emerge.  I ought to do plenty of intentional, observational work to expand and refine my drawing/painting “toolkit”, but the point of this daily practice is to not let any deficiencies get in the way of exploring this visual space of dreams and play.

Cat basket

I’m collecting and arranging songs for a community theater Christmas show called Welcome Yule! It’s kept me from doing visual art, but here’s a look at my “studio” this past week:


I’m learning how to use Noteworthy to write scores, so I can set up recordings for cast members to practice with. Always feels good to learn new skills, despite the moments of aggravation!

In my study I have another cat-inspired piece that I made a couple of years ago, after the original cat tree was done.



I started with the crown of a bush that had a  nest-like shape. Wove a platform for the cats to sleep on, then made little woven spots among the branches to keep the sense of peeking out from between leaves. I was trying to make something that the cats would like to use, and that I would like to have inside the house to look at.

still under construction
I have a helper
Here’s the finished basket


It lives in my study, where the cats still use it for naps.

Here are my daily drawings from the past week:

daily-page-16-1005 daily-page-16-1004 daily-page-16-1003 daily-page-16-1002 daily-page-16-1001 daily-page-16-0930 daily-page-16-0929



hat’s my studio update for the past week!

Cheers until next time …Kate



A New Cat Tree

I’ve had a week that kept me too busy to put extra time into studio work. That’s my report for this week. But I’ll take the opportunity to report on some past work. This is the second full sized “cat tree” I’ve built, finally finished to my satisfaction over the summer.

The original cat tree was made from roots dug out from under the house we lived in, when we put in a basement. Wrack and Ruin were new kittens, and I wanted to keep them inside. The structure of wood and twine made a good play gym for them. It lived in the kitchen and I finished building it there.

2013-08-27 14.40.09 HDR
The original cat tree in my old kitchen

When we moved, the new house didn’t have space for the old cat tree, so it now lives in my studio, next to my drawing table. The cats sometimes perch there to nap while I work. Meanwhile, I collected some mountain laurel branches from various woods that I love, and started tying them together.

So what makes a cat tree? It has to be big enough to climb, and balanced enough so that it doesn’t fall over with cats perched in it. There have to be places to snooze, and places to explore. Places to hang toys, and different ways to climb up and down. Finally, it has to look appealing enough that I’d want to live with it.

New cat tree under construction

This is mid-way finished; the structure is pretty much set up and I’m working on the esthetic details. I love weaving and tying, and get annoyed by ends hanging out. The whole thing ends up being sort of a sampler of knots and wraps.

2016-03-02 21.22.00
Detail of new cat tree

So now I have two of these things in my studio, which is more than I need. How do you find a home for something like this? Maybe I’ll put it in my Etsy shop just for grins, though I have no idea how much to charge and can’t imagine how to handle shipping….

At least now it’s been seen by a few more people; Thanks for looking!

Also, here are the drawings I posted in the past week.