Cat basket

I’m collecting and arranging songs for a community theater Christmas show called Welcome Yule! It’s kept me from doing visual art, but here’s a look at my “studio” this past week:


I’m learning how to use Noteworthy to write scores, so I can set up recordings for cast members to practice with. Always feels good to learn new skills, despite the moments of aggravation!

In my study I have another cat-inspired piece that I made a couple of years ago, after the original cat tree was done.



I started with the crown of a bush that had a  nest-like shape. Wove a platform for the cats to sleep on, then made little woven spots among the branches to keep the sense of peeking out from between leaves. I was trying to make something that the cats would like to use, and that I would like to have inside the house to look at.

still under construction
I have a helper
Here’s the finished basket


It lives in my study, where the cats still use it for naps.

Here are my daily drawings from the past week:

daily-page-16-1005 daily-page-16-1004 daily-page-16-1003 daily-page-16-1002 daily-page-16-1001 daily-page-16-0930 daily-page-16-0929



hat’s my studio update for the past week!

Cheers until next time …Kate



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