30 June 2017

anatomically challenged equine, but at least they’re in a pretty pasture?

To be honest, this is one of the drawings I might not show, if I hadn’t made the commitment to show all my daily drawings. It feels very personal and makes me uncomfortable to look at (funny how that only kicks in after the drawing is done!)

I have a deep desire to please and cheer people, not disturb them. Maybe that’s one of the inner critics with whom I need a more extended conversation.

2 thoughts on “30 June 2017”

  1. But you aren’t into realism right? Your own expression is just that, expression. I often look at drawings and paintings by let’s say, Picasso, often very primitive but expressive. I think that we all suffer from the inner critic syndrome! lol believe me, I cringe when I see my own paintings and often can’t look at them.

    1. You’re right, but I think the critic I need to address is the one that wants me to be pleasing and polite. She doesn’t win out very often, but she definitely has a voice that I hear!

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