3 thoughts on “2 July 2016”

  1. love your colors….do you have a guide for keeping your photo straight? Without it I would be lost! I don’t get put off my your horizon, I am mesmerized by your color and technique, it counterbalances the horizon mishap which I don’t think I would have noticed without you mentioning it.

    1. I do have a grid in my camera, but don’t pay much attention to it. My husband is actually quite a good photographer, and that sort of thing really bugs him, so I’ve become more aware of it.
      I looked at a couple of your posts earlier today and was just thinking how lovely your colors are as well 🙂 I am mostly using those caran d’ache neocolor water soluble crayons these days, which feel a bit like cheating since there are so many pre-mixed wacky colors to play with. And then I layer more crayon and Prismacolor art stix (colored pencil) on top if the colors aren’t bright enough to suit me

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