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15 August 2019

It’s not autumn yet, but summer is barreling to a close, and the trees are starting to notice.

Gratitude for all you people that I know look at this blog whether or not you comment online. Some of you have told me in person, which is even better! And you who offer frequent ‘likes’, I only wish I knew some of you personally so I could thank you. I see you, and I appreciate that you take the time to look!

14 October 2018

The last few days I’ve felt distracted and uninspired. My drawings have felt like doodles that a part of me is somewhat embarrassed to post. I am hereby reminding myself that the point of this whole exercise is not to demonstrate what a skilled and imaginative artist I am, but to spend some time every single day, playing with shapes and colors on a piece of paper, and going along with whatever comes of it.

I show it to you, my very lovely audience, as a way of encouraging you to do the same sort of thing with whatever you love in your life. No effort is wasted, if you’re paying attention.

Hearts &tc from me, Kate.


28 March 2017

another murky abstraction. The real thing is much duller and darker than this scan of it.

For all the people who take the time to look at and like or comment on my drawings, Thank you from my heart. It truly helps me keep going. I spend way too little time reciprocating, looking at and commenting on other people’s work. But when I do, I’m always struck by the vision, sincerity, and driveĀ of so many of you people in my blogging circle.

Feeling gratitude this morning, and just want to take a moment to share it.

6 May 2013

daily page 13-5.6

good old friends.

I just want to comment on my appreciation for the bloggers that I could never have met otherwise, who have taken the time to come look at my pages. I don’t often return comments or reply, even though I do visit your pages in return, and have often been surprised, delighted and impressed. Thanks for providing me both with support and accountability!