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24 February 2023

blockade runners.

This evening I had no inspiration and no desire to make a picture. I looked around me and saw a kneaded eraser that reminded me of a fat pigeon, so that’s what I drew. Must not be afraid to be goofy! That is a serious block to creativity. So, recognizing the green bird as a blockade runner, I gave them company – fish usually work for me as something to draw when I have no ideas, and the original Blockade Runner, a princess. Looking at the picture now, I’m seeing the team that opposes the gang of inner critics that kept me from calling myself an artist for most of my life, and even still now. Because really, I am just not serious enough for that title.

11 February 2022

I have posted before about how sometimes when I’m blocked I like to draw Princesses – in effect, my princesses are blockade runners.

There is an Inner Critic who tells me that my Princesses don’t really like me. They would much prefer to have been drawn by a Rackham, a Himmapaan, a Dulac, or Adrienne Segur. Or really, any artist with a better eye for detail, a finer hand, a stronger sense for color.

Sigh. Go to your room, Inner Critic. You may be right, but I am going to do this anyway.