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23 November 2019

I dreamed vividly last night, that my friend was officiating the wedding I wish she hadn’t missed. On a white sand beach, wearing the bluest, shiniest mermaid queen gown. The bride and groom recounted the story of their romance using sleight of hand with oreo cookies. The parents were all dressed in white, and radiantly happy.

This will be my last post for about 2 weeks. When I get back to home and scanner, I’ll post whatever I’ve managed to draw while on the road. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate; and may everyone find themselves in circles of love and gratitude with family and friends.


29 October 2019

on my way to work a cat tore across the street just in front of me, skidded to try and stop before it ran into the car coming the other way, got its front paws on the side of the car so it didn’t go under the wheels, then barreled the rest of the way across the road. I couldn’t tell if and how badly it had been hurt, but that stuck with me all day and came back up when I saw the Inktober prompt for today was “Injured”

25 October 2019

Inktober day 25

I don’t know what the official prompt was; I didn’t even get time to go into my studio. Instead went to a Drag Cabaret hosted by my friend Lily DeValley, in charming Bellows Falls VT. Hence, a page of bar doodles including cocktail suggestions and recipes, memories and dreams of people, and DJ Xero as a Halloween witch, all floating around me.