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8 and 9 July 2020

Away from home and studio for 2 days, visiting with family. I wasn’t there long enough to set up ‘art space’, and didn’t want to take away much from the brief time for visiting and vacationing. So the daily practice was just these little pencil doodles. The sketch below memorializes a scene from family DnD, one of the rare times we’ve gotten to play together while we’re all in the same room and not zooming across time zones!


18 June 2020

This morning I awoke to a greeting from my cousin Nigar, featuring peacocks spreading their tails along with a wish for a beautiful day. It happens to be my 31st anniversary of marriage to my best friend Dan. I expect that all had something to do with what appeared on this page.

The world is in a state of unrest. A friend reminds me in a Facebook post of this truth:

‘An indigenous elder, speaking to an upscale white attorney, said “You people have forgotten the most important thing, taking care of each other in the place where you live.”‘

I try to remember that, and to live it.