18 February 2023: Knots

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that generally at some point in the winter I get obsessed with sticks and twine. Apparently that is happening this year on schedule. I didn’t get to my drawing table at all this day, so I offer you a look at this current project.

This is one of the “cat trees” I have made, getting re-worked so it will fit better in the space I have available. There are parts of the weaving and knotting that I like quite a lot, so I’m trying to save and repurpose them, even as I make the whole structure more compact.

Clearly it’s still in early process stages. When finished it should be very stable, with knotwork tidy and neat. And then I have to test it on my cats.

The two pictures below show the tree in its original form, rather sprawling. It found a home for a couple of years in somebody’s large, warehouse-style living space, but came back to me when they moved.

With cat.


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