14 October 2019

Back home in my studio, rich with the memory of singing together to the point that I lose myself into the sound, and lose the sound of my own voice in the tapestry we wove together.

Did I mention that the full moon lit the night the entire weekend, even with occasional cover of clouds. The lake, the surrounding tree-clad hills burnishing to gold and red and brown in the day, webs of pale and dark in the night. As the season changes to cold, I need the reminder to go outside, to breathe.

AND ALSO: Twilight Covening marks the anniversary of my daily drawing practice, which I started during Sarah Rosehill’s Otter Clan 10 years ago.

10 years of daily drawings. When I started, I had no ambition or idea that I would still be doing this now.

One thought on “14 October 2019”

  1. Congratulations on ten years of daily practice. That is amazing and so glad you are going strong with the daily drawings. I love your colors in this series, the blue is so great with the gray. Also, your description of being outdoors at night under the moon is beautirul.

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