1 September 2019

I have 2 pictures for you today.

  1. Spent most of the day getting the neighborhood wall mural ready for community additions at next Sunday’s block party. Mostly painting large areas of color today, but we got the overall design all blocked in, after poking at it weekly for most of the summer.   Top photo is the whole paint crew (that’s me on the far right). This is the biggest thing I’ve ever designed. I’ve painted my house, which was bigger, but doesn’t have pictures on it! (yet!) 
2019-09-01 15.47.01
it me!

2. After I  got cleaned up and fed, Dan and I went to 1Forward in Greenfield to be at Ruth Garbus’ album release concert. My doodley musings:

After a weekend of seeing and hearing great shows turned in by less-well-known, local-ish performers, I have a thing I want to say:

I often hear from people my age that there’s no good music being made these days. That is simply NOT TRUE; it’s only that they’ve stopped looking for it. There is wonderful, topical, relevant, fun, fabulous music everywhere, often made by people who can’t make a living at it but do it anyway. There are DIY venues and little clubs and even larger places like Brattleboro’s Stone Church that are showcasing great stuff. Go out, listen, bring friends. It will make you a richer and happier person.

That is all.



2 thoughts on “1 September 2019”

  1. Glad you found it! Commercial vendors of music have little taste for quality, innovation, or original thoughts!!

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