28 June 2019

Last day of vacation. I worked from photos I took during the week for this one, and mixed my usual water-soluble crayons with Acryla Gouache. The toad really wasn’t green but I got lazy with my colors. Then I hopped into a kayak with my phone in my pocket and tipped it over. So who knows when it’s dried out and put back together if I’ll still have any of these photos left.

2 thoughts on “28 June 2019”

  1. I think this is my favorite from the week It is so colorful and well composed from the different photos :))) I am keeping my fingers crossed for your phone. ARG!!!!

    1. Ha! My phone actually somewhat recovered and lasted a few days, but then I drowned it again in an incident with a leaky water bottle in a bag pocket. Must have been fate 😦 anyway I’m out of phone contact till the replacement arrives, sigh…

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