Not-Quite-Daily Drawings while away

Here are the drawings I managed to make while at the parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto. I was there to support programs and also facilitated a women’s art gallery and salon, so there was little time for sitting and sketching. Mostly these are from the ends of long, busy days. The last 3 were on days of driving and visiting old friends I haven’t seen in way too long.

1 Nov 2018: the view from my window
2 Nov 2018: a spirit touching ground
3 Nov 2018: wings of compassion
4 Nov 2018: and so we sing and dance
6 Nov 2018: election day, riding a hoped-for blue wave
7 Nov 2018: my friend has good kitties but I miss my own
8 Nov 2018: so many hugs
9 Nov 2018: safe passage back home

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