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11 May 2020

Had to go out into the world today, as the world is struggling between settling in for a long haul of relative isolation or just throwing caution and good sense to the winds. I give over the time and space to make an image, but there is nothing in my mind to give it form and sense. So here is some chaos, with bits that are hopeful, much that is unformed and confused, without any real plan.

I need to spend some more time outside, quiet, remembering that the world is not just all the people in it.

7 May 2020

Wow, I am just not very good at limiting my time. I only had 2 1/2 hours today, so this is as far as I got on this one. I really don’t know how I’m going to manage finishing these little paintings, especially when my jobs and things start up again and I don’t even have that much time for the studio. I probably have at least another week or two to think about it.

On the plus side, I still can’t wait to start painting, and don’t ever want to stop come suppertime.