Picture frames

My work table with two of the paired drawings ready to show.

I’ve started experimenting with ways to display my drawings. I participated in an Art Salon in February, for which I framed three pairs of drawings. I chose paper to edge and set off the drawings, and covered the frames themselves with a contrasting paper. This worked well enough for temporary display purposes, but is not a very durable presentation.

2017-02-13 20.10.39
The third pair of drawings. You can see the mat papers are distressingly floppy, and none of it is protected very well. Still, fun papers!
2017-06-29 17.44.28
This is meant to be a detail shot of the two paper mats and the paper-covered frame

Another idea I had was to make leather-covered frames. So I tried that out on an older drawing, and was pretty pleased with the result:

2017-06-29 17.44.59

Just recently, I sold one of my drawings and the buyer asked if I did any framing, so I showed them my earlier attempts. They asked if I could make a leather frame and protect the drawing with glass. Here are some process shots and the result:

It was fun to apply my bookbinding training and tools to this challenge, and I’m pretty pleased with the result. Though I don’t have any formal training in framing, I believe this is reasonably archivally sound. The drawing only touches acid-free paper on the back and edges, and is suspended away from the glass. It won’t be hard to take apart and remove the picture, should that become necessary. I’m looking forward to getting feedback, and maybe eventually making some more frames for more drawings!

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