Preview of a future post about one of my studio projects

I started posting my drawings as a way of keeping myself accountable for drawing something every day. Five years on, this is pretty much built into my routine. Even when I struggle with the blank paper, I still look forward to my (usually) evening drawing time and don’t feel the day is complete without it.

I want to expand on this foundation, spending more time in my studio doing other projects.

I’ve always struggled with the feeling that making art is self-indulgent, and there are many more useful and important things I could be doing with my time. That feeling is probably never going to go away, any more than the chorus of critics in my head whenever I make a drawing.

If I’ve learned anything from my drawing practice, it’s that the most important thing is just to do it, whatever it is. So here’s my declaration of commitment to doing other work in my studio and telling you about it about once a week.

Here are my daily drawings from the past week; they should link to the original posts.

Kind of fun to see a visual diary of the past week!

Until next time, happy autumnal equinox (if you’re in the northern hemisphere)

xoxox from Kate the ayespider  😉


3 thoughts on “Accountability”

  1. Thank you, Kate. Thank you for your words and explanation and how you feel. I can hardly wait for the weekly new art engagement.

    As far as wasting time or thinking you could be doing something more valuable–if you have the time to create and it’s become a meditation and self-reflection and a positive habit, I can think of few better ways to contribute–you are taking care of YOU. I know that sounds pat, but your ability to spend that time with yourself might be making you a better person when you relate with others (just a guess). Maybe you bring a different self to the world and that is force you may not even know is making the world a better place.

    Aside from that–I have your 2 pictures in my house. I LOVE them and I love them almost daily. They bring me a lot of joy and happiness. They are a solid comfort in my world. Your daily work, that you willingly share with us all, is a great contribution if you ask me. It makes people happy or feel something. People ponder your images. What more do we have but connection? Though it may be a sin, I envy your talent and gifts. You are a great artist. I thank you and I am grateful for your daily practice and that you share it.

    Have I gushed enough? I only mean to say, on my behalf, never question if you are doing enough….your art gives me hope and makes me reflect on the times I think art might not matter.



    1. This makes my heart sing and brings a tear of gratitude to my eye. If anything I do brings you joy, that is of value. I can only imagine the trials and dark nights you must go through. Thank you for writing ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Dear Kate, I am excited about your new commitment and can’t wait to read about your other studio projects once a week just as I started looking at your posts. And I feel some of the same things that you do about creating–I struggle with thinking–is it really useful? and yet…more will be revealed :)) Happy Autumnal Equinox to you too 🍂

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