Greeting cards are ready!

Some of the drawings look pretty OK as pictures on greeting cards. I’ve put a few assortments together and listed them in my Etsy shop,

You can also see the assortments in the “greeting card gallery” that I added to the menu above this post. Of course, if there are any other pictures you’d really like to have as a card you can always contact me and say so.

Printing technology these days is so great, I’m amazed at how affordable it is to get really satisfying, pleasing reproductions. It’s also really fun to play with card-sized versions of the pictures and seeing how they go together, and what themes develop. Somehow I can see it better when it’s on paper than on a computer screen.

Anyway, ta-da! that has been done.



4 thoughts on “Greeting cards are ready!”

  1. Hello Kate,

    Your idea for making greeting cards from your art is really exciting. I hope it goes well and you sell a ton!

    It’s got me thinking that might something I could do. Many of my pieces (done on the iPad) won’t print up very large anyway, but they might be cool as quirky greeting cards. Can you point me in the right direction? Who does your printing?

    Warm regards,


    1. I just go to a local copy shop, color print technology these days is pretty astonishing. I set up a store on Etsy, which seems pretty friendly and isn’t hard or expensive to do. If you do go that route, let me know so I can ‘favorite’ your shop!

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