2 thoughts on “16 January 2012”

  1. I love the way you capture things and qualities with (what seems like) such a spontaneous flourish of strokes. I sometimes wonder if you even know what you will create before you start…it’s such an immediate sense of movement. It inspires me, yet that flowing style eludes me.

  2. Most days I try to not have a notion of what I will draw. It’s a little scary still to sit in front of that blank page with no clear idea and make a mark. To get past that, I think about how there’s rarely a time when I can’t find something that interests my eye. And also, that this one page is transient, not a masterpiece. The point is the act of drawing. Once I get started, it’s often like telling myself stories about the lines and colors, stories that don’t always have words. Often I don’t really know what the result is “about”, but I’ve been trying to put some words to the pictures anyway.

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