2020 Yule ornaments

Here’s an assortment of my annual origami ornaments, available to purchase for the first time ever! They’re each one-of-a-kind, and folded with my own hands, about 3″ diameter. I’m asking $10 for one, includes shipping. $8 for any additional that I can put in the same package.

Hey, Magic the Gathering people, I made some from discarded commons. They’re posted after the more seasonal ones!

Use the “contact me” tab to tell me which one(s) you want. Or email me, or Facebook message also works.

Use the number in the lower left of the expanded image to identify, or else just describe the picture. I take Paypal and Venmo.

I’ll be folding these ornaments all month, and will post them as they get done. Check back every so often! And thanks so much for your interest!

Kate Greenough's daily drawings

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